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Chartered Speed - An Overview

Chartered Speed Pvt Ltd. is into the business of (CVBU) Commercial Vehicle Body Building and Fabrication and offers buses in a variety of options and configurations. For over last several years, Chartered Speed has continued to set industry standards with its innovative design and Body building capabilities. Today, Chartered Speed has over 150 employees with a team of highly Technically Qualified people with a state of art fully equipped Body Building and Fabrications unit and Workshop in around 36000 square meter area. Our company has a very strong and dedicated team of professionals required for the smooth operations and to meet any emergencies arising what so ever. We are the Operating Partner of Ahmedabad Janmarg Ltd. under which we operate 40 numbers of BRTS buses (all with GPS System) very successfully since last one year.

Our Mission

With a very strong presence in transportation industry, Chartered Speed will continue to develop, produce and refine the best and safest products while providing comprehensive support services to promote customer loyalty and long-term prosperity for all our partners.

Corporate Culture:

Chartered Speed promotes and fosters a unique business environment through a strong emphasis on combining solid business practices with high character standards and values. Chartered Speed continues today to promote the same values and ideals instilled in the he time of formation of the company.

The moral principles of integrity, trustworthiness, and reliability continue to guide all aspects of our business, following our long-time belief that the quality of our product is directly proportional to the pride and character displayed by every employee. With this in mind, Chartered strives to foster an environment of mutual respect and appreciation for our employees, our suppliers, our partners and our customers.

Telephone: 079 - 26891752-53-54-55;
Email: info@charteredspeed.com
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